What is Your Business Worth?

Selling your business and need to know what it's worth? A price too low and you will lose out and a price too high will waste your time and money. Get a leading professional assessment at an affordable price with Evaluate Advisory.
Familiar with Discounted Cash Flow? That is just one of our 8 methodologies we use. Read up on what we use in the Methodologies section.
Price and Value are not the same. Learn more about the difference by connecting with us to day.
Don't leave money on the table. Make sure you get a good estimate for your business and negotiate with a defensible position.

What is Evaluate Advisory?

Knowledge. Performance. Results.

Evaluate Advisory specializes in providing Opinion of Value reports for SMEs and lower Mid Market companies who are preparing to sell their business. We use industry leading valuation methodologies in our reports that would cost you 2-3x more elsewhere.

The Opinion of Value reports that we provide use up to 8 different methodologies. The methods include common ones like Discounted Cash Flow models, Earnings Capitalization, Earnings Multiples to lesser known but important ones like Direct Market Data comparisons, and Asset approaches. Each of these methodology holds their own importance and are selected based on their appropriateness to the company and it’s situation. Every report will utilize a minimum of 3 or 4 methodologies in appropriate weightings to further increase accuracy.

For a leading professional and affordable, real world assessment of your business value, contact Evaluate Advisory today or read through our site to learn more about how we do it.


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Want to know the methodologies we use? Learn more about them.

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