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Selling your small business?

Find out the most probable selling price your business could sell for.

5 ways to increase business value.
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We work with clients in any country

Evaluate Advisory is a business sale consultancy. We know that not every business is large enough to engage brokers and provide expertise to business owners who decide to sell their business on their own. We do not represent a business owner in a sale but coach and equip them with the special knowledge and tools required to affect a successful business sale.

Business owners may choose to sell on their own without a broker or consultant. However,  80% of businesses do not get sold ( We believe that our services and business selling system will significantly increase the chances of a successful sale than if you tried on your own. Learn More

Qualified Team

No incompetent people here. Only those with solid finance and accounting background, business experience, and buy sell expertise.



We are experts in small & medium business valuation. Nothing is plucked from the sky, everything is truthful to you. Because it matters.

You're The Boss

You are the boss. We are only here to assist you so you make all the calls, you make all the decisions, you are your own best bet.