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What happens after you engage us?

An experienced specialist with finance and accounting background will meet with you to learn more about your business. If you are not local, a phone call will be scheduled.

You will also provide 3-5 years of financial statements. The specialist will ask a series of questions and gather the necessary information to work on the business valuation.

Over 8 different valuation methods are available to us as we attempt to search for as much value from your company as possible.

We begin by normalizing your earnings. Typical small businesses have tax optimization strategies that do not reflect the true economic earning potential. With the normalized earnings, we begin financial modeling your business to determine it’s worth.

Available are also market data on past transactions of businesses similar to yours. When your business is priced right, you have the best chance of a successful sale.

You will receive a FSBO sales kit that will include a complete step by step instructions to selling your business in the same way a professional business broker would.

Included together are professionally created document and marketing templates that I personally use in my own deals.

You will get one-on-one time with a Specialist for 2.5 hours who will coach you on the business sale process including:

  1. Preparing your business for sale.
  2. How to reach more potential buyers while maintaining confidentiality.
  3. How to properly screen buyers before spending time to meet them.
  4. How to negotiate for the best deal.
  5. And answer questions on the sale, valuation, or any unique situations.

Equipped with the best practices on how to sellĀ  your business for the best price and terms, you will now begin the process of confidentially selling your business.

While our FSBO advisory engagement is complete at this point, we are still available to you. We will be here for you on an ad hoc engagement basis if at any point you require more advisory services.