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What makes us different?

When business owners want to sell their business, they used to have two choices: engage a business broker or try to sell the business themselves.

Using a broker will cost you 10% of your business equity or a minimum of $20,000. Selling on your own usually results in lots of trial and error, wasted time, and a potentially unsold business.

Here’s the good news.

With our FSBO advisory plan, you will get the benefits of professional expertise and coaching but at a fraction of the fees.

We are the way to sell your business in 2018. Yes you can get the benefits without the high cost. Use this table to learn more about how it’s better with us.

* Estimated unnecessary transaction costs. E.g. an average person does not know lawyers may charge an extra 10-15 minute block before and after your call or email for preparation and note taking. So you think they take 5 minutes to read your email, but get billed for 25 to 30 minutes. Tip: do not use lawyers to bounce off ideas. With expert tips, you save on dozens more efficiencies.