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Why choose us?

FSBO BUYSELL coaching & consulting to business owners selling their business on their own.

Business Valuations

Whether you are selling or buying a business, valuations matter. Make sure you don’t shortchange yourself with a professional assessment.

BuySell Coaching

BuySell coaching by an expert broker. Consulting tells you WHAT to do, Coaching teaches you HOW to successfully sell your business.

FSBO Sales Kit

You get everything you need to sell your business yourself. Document and marketing templates, checklists, strategies, high value tips and cheat-sheets.

Selling a business is so much more than multiplying your earnings to find a value, finding a buyer, and  handing over the offer letter to your lawyer. The fact is, you don’t sell businesses every day so it is not something you’re going to be good at.

At Evaluate Advisory, we provide a one-stop consultancy where business owners can get equipped with the right tools and advice to successfully sell their business themselves.

Top 3 benefits of our FSBO package are:

Eliminate broker’s big commissions but still get the benefits from professional advice.
Learn proper techniques to attract more buyers and get a higher selling price.
Not getting short changed with a proper valuation for your business.

Here’s the bottom line.

You do not have that specific knowledge and experience to be able to get the best deal selling your business yourself. If you aren’t using a broker, we are your next best bet.

Connect with us today. All inquiries are responded within 12 hours on a business day.

PLUS get a bonus infokit “5 ways to increase business value“.